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Career-Life Connector
University of Mississippi
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  • Career-Life Connector Initiative

    As part of the University of Mississippi’s commitment to provide work-life integration resources, the Office of the Provost has created the Career-Life Connector Initiative to supplement services provided by Human Resources and other offices on campus. This initiative is designed to help potential and current faculty and staff navigate the university system and learn about policies, practices, and resources available to assist with work-life integration.

    We hope this program will provide information for faculty and staff members, and foster a work climate that supports work-life integration.

    The goals of the initiative include:

    • Working to improve faculty and staff well-being and job satisfaction.
    • Helping to create an inclusive campus that supports diverse identities.
    • Ensuring that work-life integration, including family caregiving support, is equitable, transparent, and consistent across the academic community.
    • Expanding and enriching the support network for work-life balance and family caregiving in the academic community.
    • Contributing to the University Creed’s core values of respect for the dignity of each person, fairness and civility, and personal and professional integrity.